Sanit- The FaucetsSanit ½" Collection

Sanit is an electrifying celebration of design and elegance. Precision crafted, the series is a befitting tribute to the uncompromising joy of quality and craftsmanship.


Central Hole Basin Mixer with 70 mm Long Brass Connectors

Pillar Cock

Bib Cock Short Body with Wall Flange

Bib Cock Short Body with Wall Flange

Bib Cook Long Body with Wall Flange

Bib Cock Long Nose

Angular Stop Cock with Wall Flange

Concealed Stop Cock 15/20 mm with Wall Flange

Garden Tap with Wall Flange

Two Way Bib Cock with Wall Flange

Swan Neck Pillar Cock

Sink Cock Having Swinging Spout with Wall Flange (Wall Mounted)

Wall Mixer Non-Telephonic with Connecting Brass Legs & Wall Flanges

Wall Mixer 3-in 1System for Head Shower,Hand Shower & Mixer Spout With L-bend, Connecting Legs With Wall Flanges

Bath Spout (Plain) with Wall Flange

Wall Mixer Telephonic with Hand Shower Arrangement Telephonic only & with Crutch