InfrastructureDesign, Quality & Technology

All are products are designed and manufactured in-house thus ensuring strict quality control and maintaining the consistency of its product.

Design-Research & Development

We will help you select the right style, which meets the specific needs of your project. The CAD/CAM equipped design studio uses the latest softwares to carry out designing functions and define technical specifications.



The selection of alloys and the experiences of our moulding technicians are essential to achieve the finished product of great quality. Brass ingots of defined compositions.


The combined expertise of our toolmakers and the versatility of our equipment unite this department in the development of prototypes in readiness for product launches.


Machining is done on CNC lathes ensuring accuracy and consistency.


The preparation of products using automatic controlled systems reduces tedium and concentrates the expertise of the employees on the complex aspects.


While complying with the most constraining environmental standards, we achieve to finish our products according to the desires of our customers by using the three layer electroplating technique thus increasing longevity and providing superior finish.