Sanit- The FaucetsArts ½" Collection

Arts radiates not only with lively swing and fresh elegance, but also with an incredible presence. With it, exquisite craftsmanship ensures that it will stay like this for a long time and offer you joy for long.

Sanit - The Faucets

Single Lever Basin Mixer with 600mm Long Braided Hoses

Sanit - The Faucets

Central Hole Basin Mixer with 70mm Long Brass Connectors

Sanit - The Faucets

Single Lever Basin Tall Basin Mixer

Single Lever Wall Mixer With Hand Shower Arrangement

Single Lever Tall Basin Mixer With 600mm Long Braided Hose

Single Lever Sink Mixer Table Mounted with 600mm Long Braided Hose

Tall Boy Pillar Cock

Single Lever Sink Mixer Wall Mounted

Pillar Cock

BibCock Short Body with Wall Flange

BibCock Long Body with Wall Flange

Angular Stop Cock with Wall Flange

Con. Stop Cock 15/20 mm with Wall Flange

Garden Tap with Wall Flange

Two Way Bib Cock with Wall Flange

Two Way Angular Stop Cock With Wall Flange

Swan Neck Pillar Cock

Sink Cock Having Swinging Spout with Wall Flange (Wall Mounted)

Sink Mixer Having Swinging Spout With Connecting Legs & Wall Flanges (Wall Mounted)

Wall Mixer Non-Tele. with Connecting Brass Legs & Wall Flanges

WallMixer 2-in-1System For Head Shower & Mixer Spout With Brass L- Bend, Connecting Legs & Wall Flanges

Wall Mixer 3-in-1System For Head Shower, Hand Shower & Mixer Spout with L bend, Connecting Legs With Wall Flanges

Single Lever Concealed Wall Mixer with Brass Spout & Flange

Single Lever Concealed Diverter Exposed Parts Kit Consisting of Operating Lever & Wall Flange

Pillar Cock Tall Boy With 200 mm Long Extended Body

Pillar Cock Extended Spout

Concealed Body for Single Lever High Flow 2-in-let Diverter 40mm/ 3-in-let Diverter 46mm

Bath Spout (Plain) With Wall Flange

Bath Spout with Button For Hand Shower with Wall Flange